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估计是在色情文学里才找到的字, cum 是射, dripping 是滴, nicker 是闷笑. 合起来可能是男生没有劲力所以给人取笑.

snot 英[snɒt] 美[snɑ:t] n. 鼻涕; [例句]Hey, your snot is dripping down. 你的鼻涕快滴下来了。

It's Nicki full throttleIt's oh, ohSwimming in the grottoWe winning in the lottoWe dipping in the pot of blue foamKitten so goodIt's dripping on...

I wonder about blood's dripping from my finger cut,this is our wishing answer to leave……I don't beleive……Knowin'in my heart alredy wtihout ...


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